Disposing of clutter after spring cleaning

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Once a year a serious cleanout is supposed to happen in most households, however, this often slips by until it reaches a point where you can’t move in the basement, garage and the closets are overflowing. When things reach this point it is definitely time for a major clean-out. The clean-out can be easy, the problem comes when you are now faced with a pile of stuff that you want to get rid of, the question now arise, “how do I get rid of this stuff?”

The best approach is to separate it into three piles; keep, throw away, donate or sell. This entire approach is ideal for general cleanout as well as when you are preparing to move from one home to another. Of the three options, throw it out is perhaps the easiest because you can simply call for a roll off in Denver CO to be dropped off and picked up once it is loaded.


Let’s hope that the stuff you want to keep is the smallest pile, but there will be items that you use, albeit infrequently. Only keep the items that you know are essential even if it’s only at Christmas. For these items gets a head start on packing, an example is seasonal clothing, this can be packed, labeled and stored.

The ideal place to store these items is in a self storage unit. These units are not expensive and using them allows you to access your items when you want, this may not be the case if you hire a pod and have them stored by a moving and storage company.

Throw away:

This is a pile that should be stacked high; if the things have seen better days, don’t even consider putting them in a garage sale. You have two real options; one is to slowly put these items out with your regular garbage and the other is to rent a small yardage roll off in Denver CO.


With what is left after disposing of the real rubbish, organize a garage or yard sale. Pick a date, get everything priced and be prepared for the crowds. When word gets out that your sale isn’t full of junk people will come from far and wide. When the day is over, call your favorite charity and ask that they pick it up.