What is Pediatric Home Health Care in New Jersey?

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Many people associate home heatlh care in New Jersey as a service provided only for elderly patients. However, children with serious medical conditions often need home health care in their home setting, such as nursing care, various therapies and personal hygiene care. Pediatric home health care is not to be confused with nanny services or babysitting services. It is services provided by skilled home health nurses who are trained to assist with the needs of medically fragile children.

Pediatric home heatlh care in New Jersey typically means a pediatric home health nurse is assigned an hourly shift to provide medical care for medically challenged children. Some of the most common services include ventilator care, monitoring the breathing and treatments for a child who is dependent on a tracheotomy to breath or monitoring the intake and output for a child who relies on a feeding tube for nutrition. With skilled pediatric nursing services available for home care, parents and caregivers are able to go to work, get the sleep they need or attend school, without the fear of their child not getting the attention required.

There are strict guidelines put in place for pediatric home care agencies, which means the procedures and policies must be followed to ensure the child will receive the appropriate care. Pediatric home care providers undergo intensive training as well as thorough background and criminal checks to ensure they are qualified and capable of providing the care your child deserves. Each caregiver that is assigned to care for your child must be certified and/or licensed in their specific specialty.

For example, nursing staff are either licensed RN’s or LPNs and therapists, such as respiratory therapist are certified to provide pediatric care. In many situations pediatric home care providers are also able to assist parents and caregivers with getting the supplies required to add comport for the child, such as mobility equipment, hospital beds and educational supplies. It is important to check with your insurance provider to verify how many hours and what type of services your child is eligible for before contacting the pediatric home health care provider. This will ensure you are receiving all available services for your child.