Do You Have to Pay Extra For Furnished Student Apartments in Illinois?

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When you’re looking at DePaul University apartments for rent, it seems that furnished apartments are one of the main selling points. Unlike traditional apartments, student apartments supposedly come fully furnished. The furniture and appliances are already installed–all you have to do is walk through the door. But is it true that all student apartments are fully furnished? Or do you have to pay extra for a nice apartment unit?

Do You Have to Pay Extra For Furnished Student Apartments?

In fact, all DePaul University apartments for rent are fully furnished, regardless of the price point. You don’t have to pay extra for nice furniture, carpeted floors or state-of-the-art technology. Instead, the price is figured by the number of residents in each apartment. Apartments with more roommates are typically cheaper than one- or two-bedroom units.

Plus, every apartment comes with extras like flat-screen TVs, cabinets, wall decorations, lamps, tables and chairs, bookcases, and more. Some units even give you an impressive view of the city. If you have some extra money to spend, you can pay for add-ons like a master bedroom and garage parking. But overall, every apartment is fully furnished no matter the cost.

You can see for yourself by visiting Ion Lincoln Park. Their website features an outdoor view of the facility so you can see a view of the city and the stores and restaurants below. You can also view the inside of the DePaul University apartments for rent by checking out the photo gallery.