Tips to Finding a Towing Company that Fits the Bill

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Towing companies essentially have three jobs: they remove illegally parked vehicles, remove cars from auto accident sites, and transport stranded cars to either the junk yard or the nearest repair center, says Small Business. Generally, though, most people who find themselves in need of heavy duty towing company in El Paso TX fall into the second and third category.

So if your vehicle is stranded or you just got into an accident, then looking for a tow company that’s big enough to handle your ride should be first on your list. Don’t know how or where to start? Here are a few handy suggestions to point you to the right direction:

1: Know Your Car’s Specs

Consider your vehicle’s cargo weight as well as base curb weight and allowable payload. All these details matter when you’re looking for towing services. You’ll need to make sure the company has the right tow truck to handle your vehicle’s weight, along with the passengers.

2: Scout Around for Nearby Tow Services

It’s going to add a lot to your towing bills if the company has to haul your vehicle over far distances, so make sure you find a company that’s near where you are. If you’re based in El Paso TX, Pantusa Towing & Recovery is a good option. Its towing services are 24/7 available, so you won’t have to worry about additional charges.

3: Ask About Other Services

Stranded cars aren’t the only trouble you have to face when you slide behind your wheel and drive. You could end up getting locked out of the vehicle as well. Did you simply run out of gas? Do you need a temporary storage for your vehicle? Some companies can do a gas run for you or put your car in temporary storage. Ask about those services so that you know any and every available option that you have.