Do You Need Accident Insurance in CT?

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Are you looking for new car insurance coverage but you are not certain what you really need to have in the state of Connecticut? The auto insurance rules and regulations can be a little bit confusing for many people, but experienced insurance companies such as Rice, Davis, Daley and Krenz, Inc. are there to help. This article will cover the basics on required vehicle insurance in CT.

According to Connecticut state law, you must maintain accident insurance in CT. Accident insurance is also known as liability vehicle insurance. The state requires you to have $10,000 in property damage coverage (per accident), $20,000 in bodily harm coverage (per person, per accident) and $40,000 in bodily harm coverage (total per accident, split among any number of victims.) These types of car insurance coverage apply only in situations where you were the cause or partial cause of an accident, and are thus liable for the medical bills and physical damages of another person or of other people.

Connecticut state law also requires that you maintain uninsured driver coverage/under insured driver coverage. This type of accident insurance in CT is meant to provide protection for you. While liability car insurance is there to help other drivers who are injured, it does not apply to you. Uninsured driver coverage helps you pay your own medical bills and damages in situations where an uninsured driver or a person with inadequate car insurance is the cause of injuries to you. The uninsured driver coverage required by law in Connecticut is currently $20,000 in damages total per person per accident, with $40,000 in damages total per accident (this is the amount that would be split among you and any other persons who were in your car and got injured in the same accident.)

The above types of coverage are the legally required ones, but you may wish to choose other insurance types as well. If you want to protect your vehicle as well as yourself, consider getting collision car insurance (repairs car damages resulting from collisions) and comprehensive car insurance (covers most other damage like environmental hazards and car theft.) Ask your insurance agent to help you create a policy that will work perfectly for your situation! Visit website for more details.