Causes That Could Lead You To An Automobile Accident Attorney in Oro Valley

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7054371_lThe first recorded automobile death happened in 1896, and since then there have been over 25 million automobile related deaths around the world. In the United States alone, 10 million automobile accidents happen every year, and this number has remained steady for quite some time. Do these accidents always result in deaths? Obviously not, but millions of people walk away injured in some capacity. The following are some of the common reasons drivers get into accidents while on the road.

How many times have you been on the road and seen someone talking on their cell phone? How many times do you talk on your cell phone while driving? Distracted driving is in the lead when talking about the causes for automobile accidents. These days drivers are distracted by passengers, the radio, MP3 and DVD players, cell phones, and a host of other things. Texting seems to be one of the major players amongst the distractors. When you text while driving you become 23 times more likely to have an accident. All of this distracted driving is the reason why people turn to an Automobile Accident Attorney in Oro Valley.

One of the most avoidable causes of over a 100,000 accidents every year is fatigue. These days people are working long hours and aren’t getting enough sleep. A person who is suffering from fatigue is a danger while behind the wheel. It’s important to recognize the signs of fatigue. Pay attention if you begin yawning excessively, or you begin to drift in and out of lanes while on the road. Picking up on these signs could save your life and the life of other drivers. PRICE and PRICE are there to help if you or someone you know are ever injured by a fatigued driver.

Statistics state that roughly 9,000 people are killed every year in drunk driving related incidents. These statistics also state that 300,000 people drive under the influence everyday. This type of driving is dangerous but still preventable. If you ever drive drunk and cause an accident, you might have to deal with an Automobile Accident Attorney in Oro Valley. These accidents can result in steep fines, a suspended license, and even time in prison.