A Disability Lawyer in Mount Vernon WA Can Help File a Disability Claim With Social SEcurity

If you are disabled, you are entitled to Social Security Disability Benefits, but being entitled sometimes seems like anything but an entitlement because the benefits can be difficult to get. Many people are turned down when they apply the first time.

It is a good idea to consult with a disability lawyer in Mount Vernon WA before you file the first time. He can point out the common reasons why claims are denied so you can avoid these pitfalls. However, it is up to the Social Security Disability Claims reviewer to assess whether your disability qualifies. Regardless, the proper documentation is critical to support your application and the attorney knows what this documentation is.

However, you can still be denied, but you can file again. This time the attorney can identify the areas of objection so these can possibly be avoided and a successful claim can be filed. If this claim is denied, then you have an opportunity to appeal the denial to an Administrative Law Judge who is very different from a judge of a court of record. The hearings are held in a conference room and the judge does not wear a robe.

Your attorney will be well prepared with a complete analysis of all of your medical records including the prognosis for your recovery. As a social security disability attorney, he will be knowledgeable about the evidence required in a Hearing. He may ask a medical consultant who is an expert in your condition to testify about your disability.

By the time of the Hearing, your attorney will have thoroughly reviewed all of your medical records and compared your records to those of other similar and successful cases. This will help in getting the case ready for the judge. Much of the judge’s decision will depend on the records, so your attorney will ensure that the record is complete. Your testimony will be important, so your attorney will prepare you for testifying. Proper preparation is one of the keys to a successful Hearing.

As you continue to receive medical treatment while waiting for a decision, it will be important to keep accurate records of your medical consultations. This is part of being prepared for the Hearing and also part of knowing what you have received.

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