How Dentistry in Franklin, NC Can Take Care of Cavities

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One of the most common diseases of the teeth that your local dentistry in Franklin, NC sees is cavities. Certain manifestations of caries are found in almost everyone. The causes of this disease consist of insufficient and irregular oral hygiene, lack of essential micronutrients (calcium fluoride), and much more. Everyone knows that cavities prevention is the most effective method of dealing with this disease. Periodic visits to the dentist (once every six months) and long-term treatment can prevent serious complications from subsequent decay, such as issues with the dental pulp.

In modern dentistry there are four main stages of cavities development:

1. Carious spots;
2. Surface caries;
3. Average caries; and
4. Deep caries.

Caries treatment and therapy techniques used depend largely on the stage of application. The earlier the disease is diagnosed, the better the chances that the treatment will be more effective. Anesthesia used in the treatment is required when the disease has an average or deep stage. In this case, dentists use reliable anesthesia drugs that ensure the patient is comfortable and feels no pain during the procedure.

Treatment of spotted cavities

Dentists start treatment with application to the affected area and a fluorine-containing re-mineralizing varnish solution. This allows dentists to fill the demineralized enamel with Ca, F, and other macro-and micronutrients. In the case of surface, intermediate and deep caries, the treatment will involve the following steps:

1. Excision of nonviable tissue.
2. Forming a cavity.
3. Using an antiseptic on the cavity with subsequent restoration of the defect filling material.

Staging of fillings with light-curing composites

When undergoing treatment at your local dentistry in Franklin, NC, fillings with light-curing composites are designed to treat cavities. They are also meant to restore the anatomical shape and cosmetic restoration of the coronal portion of the teeth. Dental professionals use a new generation of light-curing composite, which is mostly made in the USA and Germany. Such seals have high strength, low shrinkage during polymerization, are greatly polished, have good biocompatibility to tooth structure, decent radiopacity, color stability and excellent aesthetic properties.

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