Employer Transit Passes & Vanpool Options for Improved Business

by | Dec 16, 2013 | Transportation

8363456_lDallas Area Rapid Transit, or DART, provides residents of Dallas and twelve surrounding cities with speedy and easy access to their unique destinations. By bus, express bus, or rail system, commuters can get where they need to go without the hassles of fuel costs and car maintenance. More and more people across the country are turning to public transportation, as it offers solutions to a number of challenges, such as energy, environmental, and monetary issues. If you’re an employer, it’s undoubtedly important to you that your employees arrive on time each day and ready to work. With DART employer transit passes, you can decrease the costs of commute for your staff, and guarantee that they always have a reliable source of transportation, regardless of weather, car troubles, or financial difficulties.

Savings & Perks of Passes
DART offers annual and monthly passes to employers and business owners looking to promote availability and efficiency among their employees. A large majority of the adult population in the U.S. has a driver’s license; however, the monthly fuel, insurance and repair costs that come with using a car to travel to and from work each day add up quickly. Annual and monthly transit passes allow employees to keep more of their hard-earned money, and provides numerous perks to companies as well. Many businesses subsidize the cost of transit passes to take the burden off of their staff,  and in return, benefit from an overall less stressed, more productive workforce. Employer transit passes help to free-up parking space, limit late arrivals or missed work, reduce emissions from automobiles, and are tax- deductible for both staff and employers.

Minimize Expenses & Travel Time
Vanpool is also available to those looking to minimize the daily costs of travel and improve production by sharing the commute with other employees. After you or a trusted staff member submit your driving records for review, training will be provided before a vehicle is issued. Subsequently, you and your passengers will have access to the van seven days a week, and may also travel in HOV lanes for faster commute. Vans that seat eight passengers cost $460 per month, while fifteen-passenger vehicles cost $480. Each passenger pays an equal portion of the monthly charge as well as fuel costs; however, insurance and regular maintenance are included. DART delivers helpful, innovative options to companies and workers, designed to reduce costs and provide an improved travel experience.

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