Hiring an Attorney for your Eminent Domain Case

Going through an eminent domain process can be difficult especially when you do not want to sell your property to the government. The property could be an inheritance and has stayed in the family for generations. You could also have an emotional attachment to it. Indeed an eminent domain case is very challenging because you are going up against the government. The state has one of the best legal team working for them.  It is therefore important to hire an eminent domain NJ attorney because he is qualified to represent you. The attorney will first advise you, his client on whether you have a case based on the property laws of New Jersey. Additionally, it can be financially taxing for an individual to cater for the litigation costs. The firm will assist you with these costs after which there will be a reimbursement after the case is won. The fees that can be recovered include attorney fees, deposition and litigation costs respectively. This means that the attorney will fight for your case so that you can both recover from your expenses.

For those willing to sell their property to the government, hiring an eminent domain NJ attorney is also important to authenticate whether your compensation is just and for other relocation benefits. More often than not, the government will undervalue the property. There are things that you should be compensated for and others cannot be compensated. The law also provides for the compensation to be reviewed. An attorney will assist you in determining the compensation that you deserve for your property. Here are some considerations when hiring an attorney for your eminent domain case:

  • Representation: Eminent domain attorneys are usually hired by the government and other property owners so that they can represent them in these cases. You need hire an eminent domain attorney who can represent you and not both you and the government. This will be a conflict of interest. You need to ensure that they attorney is not working for the government when hiring him.
  • Experience: A good eminent domain attorney is one who has years of experience in defending and winning eminent domain cases. His experience will assist you in assessing your case and strategizing so that it goes to trial. This will allow the property owner the highest compensation. A good attorney also has experience in handling cases that involve different types of property with good results. Some of these properties include commercial, residential, parkland and farmland.
  • Recommendation: It is important to seek advice and read reviews from other property owners and the eminent domain attorneys that they have worked with. This will allow you to judge their work ethic especially when it comes to recovering of their fees.

Hiring an attorney is important in your eminent domain case because he has experience in dealing with other property cases. Visit for more information


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