Evaluate Legal Issues Concerning Trailer Sales in San Antonio

by | May 6, 2013 | Parts and Accessories

Trailers, or mobile homes, differ from regular homes because they are movable. This fact creates legal issues with trailers sales in San Antonio that differ from the sale of other real estate. Mobile homes may be purchased from either a dealer or an owner of a mobile home. Legal issues may differ depending on from whom the trailer is purchased.

When buying a mobile home from a dealer, or broker, several legal requirements need to be met. The broker must hold a license in the state wherein the sale is made. The contract pertaining to the sale must include a description of the mobile home, the actual price of the trailer, a notice explaining how complaints should be made, a notice that the customer should receive a copy of the contract, and a description of any warranty. The purchaser of a new mobile home typically receives a one year warranty that covers everything including the utilities. The money from the buyer must be held in an escrow account set up by the seller until the buyer receives the mobile home, and the contract is satisfied. If the potential buyer cannot secure financing within thirty days, the contract may be canceled. The buyer must pay sales and use taxes on new mobile homes, and they must pay either property or personal property taxes depending on the setup of the mobile home. These legal requirements realistically call for one to have an attorney evaluate the contract and help the buyer make sure the purchase is completed legally.

A private sale of a trailer, from an owner directly to a buyer, comes with different legal considerations. trailers sales in San Antonio of used trailers requires that no liens be held on the trailer. If liens exist, the seller must pay them before selling the trailer. The buyer must register the trailer in his or her name and pay sales and use taxes on the mobile home. The buyer should make sure the mobile home can stay on the property, or if the buyer wishes to move the trailer, he or she should make sure a lease is not broken. Different legal issues exist with the purchase of a used trailer. Whether purchasing a new mobile home from a broker or a used one from an owner, one would be wise to seek a legal expert’s opinion and guidance to ensure the sale is legitimately executed.

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