How a Hard Drive Destruction Service in San Diego Can Securely Delete Sensitive Data

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If you are planning to dispose of your old computer or upgrade to a new model, a hard drive destruction service is a secure solution. Most people believe simply deleting files or formatting the hard drive is enough to rid it of important data before the computer is sold, recycled or donated. However, there are recovery programs which can restore all of that ‘deleted’ data. The surest and most secure way to dispose of data on your hard drive is to have it shredded. Below is a brief explanation of a Hard Drive Destruction Service San Diego.

Destruction Services Offer Secure, Safe Disposal

A hard drive destruction service does just what its name implies-;it destroys the drive by grinding it into tiny bits with rotary-mounted blades. Your used hard drive will be tossed down a chute into the shredder, which works in much the same way as a wood chipper. Parts are sorted, metal is removed with a magnet, and the sorted materials are recycled.

A Hard Drive Destruction Service is Better than a Data Wipe Program

Schools, businesses and institutions often have many hard drives containing sensitive or personal data which need to be properly disposed of when computers are recycled, donated or sold. Using a data wipe program would be impractical in such a situation; it can take a significant amount of time to erase even the smallest hard drive. Today’s high-capacity drives can take many hours, and in cases where multiple drives are involved it can take days. Hard drive destruction is the most time-efficient and cost-effective solution.

Almost All Destruction Services Adhere to Government Standards

New federal laws require businesses handling personal information to dispose of that data properly, and the only secure way to dispose of data stored on a hard drive is to destroy it completely. A quality hard drive destruction service will offer documentation of the destructive process, so clients are assured that sensitive data is truly erased.

The average hard drive contains an immense amount of sensitive data such as bank account and credit card numbers, account passwords and the like. When a hard drive has reached the end of its useful life, a Hard Drive Destruction Service San Diego will ensure that the information is deleted with no chance of recovery. Shred Confidential INC for more information.