Even the Playing Field with a Car Accident Attorney

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If you have been in a car accident, then you should hire a car accident lawyer in Rockford. If you do not you face fighting an uphill battle embroiled with legal jargon you may not understand. How many attorneys do you think an insurance company has? How many attorneys do you think the other guys insurance company has? It is fair to say that insurance companies easily have hundreds of attorneys at their disposal. More often than not attorneys work for the insurance company as full-time employees, insurance companies will bury you in paperwork to discourage you, insurance companies do not want to pay you no matter how friendly they seem, and attorneys that work for insurance companies are paid large bonuses for winning cases against people just like you. Most people do not realize that each insurance company has a legal department with a vast number of attorneys. Not attorneys that are paid on retainer, but actual employees. Of course this is just a sign that insurance companies are ready to litigate against the people that they insure so that they do not have to give up any of the billions that they have collected. They use tricks like burying you in a pile of paperwork to get you to settle your claim for what they want to pay you, not what you are really entitled to.

What Can You Do?

You need legal representation. You need a car accident attorney in Rockford that has the experience to ensure your rights are protected. The insurance company has a bevy of lawyers in their corner to safeguard that their interests are protected. You cannot go into this blindly, or stand to lose your rights. You can even the playing field by securing the counsel of a knowledgeable car accident attorney. Everyone deserves to be treated fairly under the law, but unfortunately without the help of a lawyer getting fair treatment from an insurance company is nearly impossible.

Don’t Let It Overwhelm You

One of the biggest problems people in car accidents have to deal with is the feeling of being overwhelmed. The insurance company is banking on the fact that you will become overwhelmed and give up the fight. Don’t let it happen. You deserve to have your rights protected. Get the right lawyer in your corner and you can rest easy knowing your rights are being professionally protected.

With a 25 year history of serving the public American Law Firm, P.C. can provide you with a professional Illinois car accident lawyer in Rockford. Contact them to set up a consultation concerning your any car accident in which you have been involved.