The Do’s of Hiring a Wedding Photographer

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When it comes to having a wedding, you need to hire someone to take the pictures. While your cousin, uncle or good friend may claim to be an “expert,” you really should hire a professional. Finding in Charleston a wedding photographer that exceeds your expectations can be daunting. It is not impossible, however, to locate the right one for that special day if you take the time to look. It all begins with a little research.

Where to Look

Finding the right photographer requires research. It means you need to look at various representatives of this craft/skill before you make a decision. This will take time. It will require energy and patience. Yet, since this is (hopefully) a one-of-a-kind event, it is worth everything you put into it.

Begin the process by compiling a list of qualified candidates. You can obtain the necessary material from various sources. Some you can access online; others you will actually have to visit in person. Among the most common are:

Referrals – talk to friends, family wedding photographer-wedding and people recently married. Find out who they used as a photographer.
Wedding Planner – if you know one or are using one, he or she may suggest a photographer
Venue recommendations – some venues offer you a total plan. They may have a photographer in mind. They may also simply be aware of photographers they have found pleasant and easy to work with
Wedding Shows – this is an excellent means of learning about everything to do with weddings. At these events you are sure to find several photographers from Charleston and elsewhere. They will have cards as well as a display of their work and even references you can check-out
Online – this is still one of the most easily accessed sources of photographers. Not only can you find a list, you can also read reviews of their “performance.” You can also find out about packages, pricing and whether any of these items matched the initial agreement and presentation

Once you have generated a list, you can begin to weed out candidates by looking at other factors.

What Else to Consider
You need to consider each Charleston wedding photographer in terms of both their art and their business practices. You need to know whether the style of photography he or she employs is a match with yours. In other words, do you like his or her photos? If not, cross him or her off the list.

Another area of importance will be price. What is your budget? Can the photographer deliver what you want within your means? Will he or she sign a contract with details specifying exactly what the charge is and everyone’s obligations?

One you have the photographer you want, go ahead and make contact. Be certain he or she is free on the Big Day. Talk and prepare a contract that is mutually beneficial. You can then relax. You have made a check beside the category. It is now one less thing you have to worry about.

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