Exhibit Options for the Trade Show Display Booth

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When faced with exhibiting a product at special events, trade shows, or malls, attracting visitors to the exhibit can help to maximize the opportunity of sales representatives to present company information and services, offer brochures or samples, or give visual demonstrations of specific interests of a group. The Exhibit Options include purchasing and rental and will range in many sizes from small tabletop models to large and complex floor designs. Features can include illustrations, banners, stands, and flat wall presentations. The trade show display booth usually has a display of eye-catching images and slogans to lure the passerby into stopping and offer the exhibitor custom designs, show ready set ups, and even eco-friendly materials.

Depending on the type of trade show or exhibition, there can be several presentation options available in a wide range of prices, sizes, and complexity. Display booth design can be set up for just one show and discarded or purchased and used several times at different shows. The trade show display booth can be modular, portable, and configured into complex systems with different construction materials and extra elements. A trade show demonstrator will usually have a display size limited to a pre-defined area and requirements that the booth materials be conforming.

The trade show display booth comes in many types. The smaller displays include small, metal frame Tabletop Displays as well as Table Covers, or Throw Covers that often have a neutral drape with a custom printed cover. Some of the more common displays include Pop-up, Pull-up, or Portable Displays where the graphic panels are flexible, lightweight and can be easily set up and transported. Banner Stand Displays are usually small with a single illustration on a panel. Like the pop-up, they are portable and lightweight. The larger universal displays made of aluminum are a Panel and Frame System. These are available in pieces and can be rented or sold outright. Using hard wall panels, custom exhibits can create rooms, stages, workstations, and large metal structures. Due to their size and complexity, these systems require a labor contractor to erect the system on site.