What Services are Provided by Shipping Service in Brooklyn, NY

by | Nov 12, 2013 | Shopping

Finding an all-inclusive shipping service can be quite a challenge. You can usually locate a service that will provide basic package shipments but realistically, that’s all that some businesses will offer. Here are some of the services provided by Shipping Service in Brooklyn, NY. You will find their all-inclusive service may be your next stop when you have shipping or document needs. Let’s take a closer look.

Professional packing is one of the many services you can expect from an all-inclusive shipping service. It doesn’t matter what size of package you have, you can expect your shipment to be packed professionally so it will arrive at it’s destination safely.

When it comes to packaging supplies, you will want to visit your local Shippers-Express. They carry just about every type of box you can imagine along with packing peanuts and bubble wrap. All of those are necessary items when you have a variety of shipping needs.

There comes a time where everyone may need to make copies or fax a document somewhere. That’s another service that the Shipping Service in Brooklyn, NY can provide for you. It doesn’t matter if you need black and white or color copies, they can deliver whatever your copying needs may be. You can also receive faxes or send faxes using the service. If you run across a situation where you need to fax something to an international number, that can be done too.

On occasion, it’s necessary to have something notarized before you deliver it to the recipient. If you ever run into that situation, all you have to do is visit the local location and have that done. It can be a contract, a legal document, real estate documents or any type of document that requires a notary.

Passport photos are another service provided by the shipping service. You can receive two photos per set which will be perfect for your passport or other identification.
When it comes to disposing of documents, you should consider using the document shredding service provided. Sure, you can throw your important documents in the trash but as an extra precaution, it’s always best to have them shredded first.

More information about this all-inclusive shipping service can be obtained when you contact Izzy Engelman.

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