Your Portable Trade Show Display Doesn’t Get Any Easier

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You work for days, painstakingly putting together a product you are proud of. The day of the big show is here, you carry box after box of items into the venue and you come to a complete stop. Your space is empty. You are ready to set the world on fire and, you have the portable trade show display you have always dreamed of having. You also have Exhibit Wholesale in your corner. The goal of Exhibit Wholesale is to help you become a trade show success.

The portable trade show display you choose will help set your booth apart from the other vendors. The types of displays you want are not limited to just one or two sizes; you can choose 8×10, 10×10, 10×20, 20×20. If you want to use Banner Stands, Hanging signs, Outdoor Displays, or even a few Tabletop displays, the options of fabric, hybrid, pop-ups, tension fabrics or the xpressions panels are amazing.

Your portable trade show display options do not end there. The display accessories will help in setting your booth apart from the rest, and making a memorable statement is extremely important in the trade show industry. The display cases, counters, flooring, kiosks, light boxes, and lighting are awesome at setting you apart from the rest. The literature racks, sign holders, table throws and towers really make a huge difference in showing the world you take your craft very seriously and you want to be a success.

The Exhibit Wholesale company prides itself in helping others succeed. The knowledge and experience they have are invaluable to their customers. They know the importance of being noticed and standing out among the competition. The ease of setting up before the show is amazing. In the few minutes it takes to get your booth ready, your confidence level is soaring through the roof. You know your booth looks fantastic. After you have had a hugely successful show and its time to tear down the displays, you are thrilled to know you won’t be spending half the night trying to fight with your displays and accessories. As easy as everything went up, everything can be put away. What a great feeling of peace of mind knowing you will be ready to set up for the next show without any issues.