Facing Everyday Threats With Security and Surveillance In Fairfax, VA

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When you have a business it’s important that you do whatever you can to protect it. Everyday, countless stores become victims of break-ins, shoplifting, and armed robberies. These incidents cost these businesses thousands of dollars, and the burden is usually passed down to both the customers and employees. Investing in Security and Surveillance In Fairfax, VA is the key to protecting your business.

How often would you say your business has been a victim of shoplifting? It has been estimated that over $13 billion worth of products are shoplifted annually. That means that more than $35 million are stolen from businesses every day of every year. Millions of people have confessed to being guilty of shoplifting, and out of these only a fraction are usually caught. Those who’ve been caught were either spotted shoplifting red-handed or caught doing so on security cameras.

If shoplifting doesn’t concern you, then burglaries just might. A number of supermarkets and convenience stores are burglarized day after day. Masked individuals enter the store with weapons demanding money. These individuals take cash from registers, safes, and even the patrons who are shopping. Although some of these incidents only leave owners and customers out of money, many of them end with someone getting hurt. The last thing you want is to have an incident like this occur without catching the perpetrator who did it. Services for Security and Surveillance In Fairfax, VA can help the authorities track down the bold perpetrator.

Unless your store is opened 24/7 you likely won’t be able to keep your eye on your business all the time. Many burglaries are committed when the patrons are gone and the store is closed. Thieves break in, ransack the place, and steal whatever they can. The worst part about it is that the amount of goods they get away with typically doesn’t compare to the amount of damage they caused during the break-in. Store owners have been left to deal with thousands of dollars in damage.