Planning For Future Care Through An Estate Planning Lawyer In Jenison, MI

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With an estate planning lawyer in Jenison MI, you review concepts such as your future care, power of attorney, and assigning an administrator for your estate. These concepts require that you produce legal documents to enforce your wishes to prevent future disputes among your family members. As you produce these documents, your attorney will review a checklist to ensure that all items are addressed in this documentation for all concepts you wish to create a plan.

Planning for Future Care

It is necessary in life to plan for unforeseen circumstances. For instance, if you have a family history of Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, the odds are you may suffer the same fate later in life. For this reason you should consider the development of a care plan and assign power of attorney to a preferred loved one before the disease progresses. Within estate planning you may create a trust for the family member who provides care for you during this time.

Estate Attorney

Martin L. Rogalski is an estate planning attorney who presents you with a wealth of concepts that allow you to have peace of mind in the future. By offering estate planning services, this attorney presents you with the ability to choose a member of your family as an administrator. These services additionally allow you to determine which family member will provide care for you in the event that you become incapacitated. This attorney assists you in addressing these concepts thoroughly and without error to prevent future disputes among your family. If you require estate planning service, contact this law office and schedule an appointment.


When you are ready to plan ahead, you should consult an Estate Planning Lawyer in Jenison, MI. These attorneys are familiar with concepts that are necessary when preparing your final wishes and putting together a care plan. For instance, if you wish to remain within your home in the event that you can no longer care for yourself, you should address this through estate planning concepts. This allows you to make provisions for this family member and may allow them to make decisions for you in terms of your assets and property. These decisions, however, do not give the family member full rights to the property.