Finally, an Oriental Rug Restoration in New York City So Fine That Your Heirloom Rug Looks Brand New!

by | Feb 17, 2014 | Rugs

When compared with the plethora of cheap rugs that have flooded the flooring market for the past fifty years, a true oriental rug stands apart as a timeless heirloom and a work of art. People of distinction discern the difference between the old and the new, and have for generations chosen to use this historical form of artistic craftsmanship to beautify the floors in their homes. To keep such priceless treasures in top condition, particularly when they’re used on a daily basis, it is necessary for them to be regularly cleaned by a professional and inspected for damage. Sometimes valuable rugs are inherited that require restoration in order to return them to their original splendor. When you need oriental rug restoration in New York City, the company to call is the Golden Horn, an outstanding rug cleaning and restoration company that’s been in New York for more than ten years and which prior to that operated in Turkey for more than 100 years! No other company is as qualified to recognize, refurbish, restore, clean and repair your original wool, silk, native American Indian or hooked rugs, Dhurries, Aubussons, etc.

Life happens … even to rugs. In addition to normal wear and tear, they get burned, ripped, need to be re-sized to fit a different area, are put into storage and damaged by moths, get creased — the list is all but endless. The Golden Horn has craftsmen whose work it has been for centuries to reweave worn places in oriental carpets, repair holes, re-fringe, bind … no matter what the need is, the Golden Horn has an artisan able to do the work so exquisitely that the repaired or reworked area will be undetectable from the original. You’re dealing with the cream of the professional crop when you work with artisans who don’t just reweave an old carpet, but do so by hand, with wool fibers that match the original, reclaimed from other old rugs. Now that’s caring about your work! When neutral fibers require dye, the Golden Horn uses only natural dyes that are similar if not identical to those originally used. Restorations of this quality take time, but you can rest assured that your oriental rug restoration in New York City will be difficult if not impossible to detect from a brand new rug of the same caliber, and your rug will be fit to adorn your home for generations to come!

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