Find a Full Service Auto Shop in Brighton, NY

Auto repairs are not only inconvenient, they can be financially devastating. Minor repairs are more of an irritant, but major engine or transmission problems can quickly cause financial distress. However, careful maintenance can head off many problems that challenge Brighton area residents’ checking accounts. Area automotive service specialists work with clients to keep cars, vans, light trucks and SUVs running efficiently.

To keep a vehicle properly maintained, look for an Auto Shop in Brighton, NY with technicians experienced in servicing a wide variety of vehicles. Better area mechanics are certified by ASE or a similar accrediting agency to ensure customers they have the skills needed to service or repair their vehicles. Top area service centers will often display certificates earned by their technicians to show customers how much they value those skills. Make sure any repair shop used hires only the best qualified technicians.


While normal maintenance routinely includes oil changes, tire rotation and other services, the best shops all inspect customer vehicles for potential issues while they are in the shop. Minor problems, when caught early, are often much easier to fix than when the issues are not attended to. In addition, performing preventative maintenance significantly reduces the chances of a vehicle breaking down. A large percentage of highway breakdowns are caused by simple items, like hoses or belts, and could have been prevented by providing proper maintenance. Technicians at area shops like Action Towing and Service make every effort to point out potential problems to customers.

Of course any mechanical part can fail, and if that should happen, a quality Auto Shop in Brighton, NY will be there to help, with towing service to get a vehicle off the road and into the shop quickly and safely. The towing service should include simple roadside assistance designed to get drivers back on the road immediately whenever possible. That means running out of gas, having a flat tire or needing a jump start should not keep anyone stranded for long. Since cars seldom seem to break down during normal business hours, 24 hour towing service should be offered. No one wants to be stranded on a dark road late at night, and better companies respond quickly to help clients remain safe. Look for a service provider who truly cares about their clients, not just their business.