The Results Of Melanotan Before And After

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There have been numerous research projects and clinical trials on the results of Melanotan before and after use. These tests, which were typically conducted on mice or guinea pigs, showed some amazing changes in various body systems and various aspects of the metabolic changes in the test mice.

These Melanotan before and after research projects highlight the possibility of many options using this synthetic analog. There are several promises for many different future uses for the peptide in a wider variety of clinical trials. The longer life of Melanotan has been considered a positive option for long term use with minimal negative impact on the body systems and at an individual cellular level.

Traditionally Melanotan before and after studies have used an injectable form of the compound that was typically provided to the test animals once a day. With the short half-life mentioned above researchers turned their attention to providing a better, more sustained release system.

Possible Alternative Options

In a study published in the August 1998 International Journal of Pharmaceutics, researchers discovered that it was possible to create an implant delivery system that provided a more consistent release of Melanotan 1. With this study the release of Melanotan before and after an implant was in place was studies. Before the implant the Melanotan was reduced by 50% in 12 days but with the implant, which was a copolymer that resisted degradation in the body, it was about a 50% erosion in 5 weeks, a significant improvement.

Benefits of Controlled Release Melanotan Before and After Implant

In a slightly more recent study in the 2000 Journal of Pharmaceutical Research it was found that one month of using implants of Melanotan 1 in guinea pigs showed a marked increase in eumelanin, the brown pigment in the skin. This increase in eumelanin continued for three months on average in the test guinea pigs, even when no further Melanotan was provided.

There is research available about the in vitro and in vivo studies that show the benefits of Melanotan before and after use. New options for an implant that allows a more consistent delivery to the system is seen as beneficial in providing sustained results in laboratory testing with animals. Research continues on the effects and changes that can be seen with Melanotan before and after use. For more information visit us at website.