Find the Perfect Decorative Mailbox for Your Home or Office

by | Jun 19, 2014 | Home Improvement

Decorative mailboxes are perfect for residential areas and for office complexes. They can be seen gracing curbs all over neighborhoods that like to give a classy look to their community. There are many different types of decorative mailboxes, even double mailboxes that are ideal for businesses that share the same building. You could easily have a few sets of double mailboxes set out to take care of all of your mailing and receiving requirements. What exactly makes a decorative mailbox decorative?

Cast Aluminum and Ornate Design

One of the main factors that define a decorative mailbox is the cast aluminum that is used to create a sophisticated look. Cast aluminum is a material that is known to be quite dense. The durability of aluminum keeps mailboxes manufactured with this material strong and hard-wearing for many years. Essentially this means that your new mailbox will last a very long time and sustain very little damage due to natural sources. That is not to say you may not ever have to replace parts such as mailbox poles, if for some reason your mailbox is knocked over. Crazy drivers have been known to hit a mailbox. If by chance this has ever happened to you, it is easy to fix, just simply purchase a new pole.

Different Types of Poles for Mailboxes

When you need to replace a pole for a mailbox, you can choose from square, fluted, smooth, or a channel pole that is distributed by manufacturers that specialize in poles for mailboxes. Most poles range from 54” to 6’ in length and 3” to 5” in OD. You can speak to professional representatives to find out exactly which type of pole will fit your mailbox so you are assured an exact fit. The beauty of using an established professional manufacturer means you have a better chance of speaking with an individual over the phone that can answer your questions, verses an automated system.

Create Curb Appeal with a Decorative Mailbox

A great way to increase the value of your home is by place a decorative mailbox in front of your house. They are gorgeous to look at, and are a positive factor for home buyers when they are looking at homes for sale. The antique look of a cast aluminum mailbox only adds to the ambiance of a classic looking home. Decorative mailboxes also look nice coupled with contemporary homes.

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