Why Choose Artificial Plants For Outdoor Use?

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It is relatively easy to understand why anyone might be averse to trying to grow real, live plants indoors. However, it is harder to picture someone who might want to plant a garden of Outdoor Artificial Plants.

Long Life, Reliable & Maintenance Free

These words sum up why someone might decide to place artificial plants out in the open air. We should also remember that not all out of door spaces contain soil suitable for the growing of healthy plants. Patios, pool surrounds, wood decked areas and outside terraces are some of the places where it might not be practical to accommodate space for a bed of earthen soil.

Plant pots could be one way around the problem but many plants can easily become root bound when trying to grow naturally in a pot or other form of planter. (I believe that some trees have roots that go deeper than the above ground height of the tree). Not only do you have to water your potted plants, you also have to fertilize them, protect them from bugs and diseases and keep them pruned and trimmed. You will also need to clean up things like falling leaves.

The Numbers

The above chores could be acceptable for one or two plants around your poolside. But, what if you are managing a large resort pool? Does your budget allow you to employ sufficient gardeners for the job?

Hotel and resort managers are probably familiar with indoor artificial plants and know at first hand just how realistic they can appear. Maybe they have doubts over the ability of their indoor faux plants to survive continuous exposure to sunlight and the elements?

Fully Weatherproof

It is possible that the plants they already have inside might not survive too long as Outdoor Artificial Plants since they were not specifically made for that purpose. However, realistic plant replicas can be produced in materials that are resistant to ultraviolet light and will not embrittle or fade in direct sunshine. The materials used for manufacture of Outdoor Artificial Plants are all fully weatherproofed.

Rent Or Buy

Again it is a question of numbers. Probably a homeowner will wish to own his Outdoor Artificial Plants outright but the commercial users should consider the advantages of renting. In a commercial setting, the plants could be prone to accidental damage and have to be replaced from time to time. Additionally, renting makes it easier to make changes. For example, different Outdoor Artificial Plants for each of the four seasons.

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