Fire Companies and How They Can Assist

by | Mar 23, 2013 | Fire Protection

A fire company’s primary role is to ensure the safety of the general public. They are constantly generating new ways and methods to deal with fires safely. The staff members at a fire company will be required to pass a test given by The State Fire Marshall, to ensure that they are up to speed with the general procedures used when fighting fires. Although the staff members at a fire company do not fight the fires themselves, they still need training so that they can do their job extensively to develop and generate new ideas. Fire companies test all of their products regularly, and the products must pass fire safety regulations before they can be sold. Fire companies also offer their services by installing the products in your home or business. They routinely preform maintenance on their products to ensure that maximum safety is present. All tests are done to the regulations of the NFPA, which is better known as The National Fire Protection Association.

Fire Companies Install Systems

Many companies that provide fire systems in Los Angeles also provide systems like automatic extinguishing units, which are products that are installed by professional fire company team members that put out fires quickly. These units consist of dry powder, so they are versatile for all industrial systems. Another service that is offered by these companies is a hood cleaning service. This process not only cleans the equipment, it inspects the equipment to make sure it is in good working order as well. The cleaner will make sure that the air ducts and pipes are clear. They will look for anything that could stop the air flow, or anything that could be potentially dangerous if a fire should occur. Many fire services give out free fire alarms as well, to help the public be aware of the dangers of fire.

Accessories That Are Available

There are many accessories that are available to help you fix your fire equipment, or to make it safer. Most fire companies sell accessories such as brackets for fire extinguishers , exit signs, and even heat resistant door handles, so that you won’t be burnt trying to open the door if a fire should occur. Exit signs are very important, especially if you have a business. People visiting your establishment may not know where the fire exits are. These signs will help guide them so that they can exit the building safely in the event of a fire. Sprinkler systems can also be obtained. These are smoke activated, which means if smoke or heat is sensed by the sensor on the ceiling, then the sprinklers will activate, and a shower of cool water will disperse over the area.

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