The Responsible Thing To Do

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According to the law, employers, holders, or those who lease out property for business or non-residential reasons are responsible for fire safety. Therefore, it is their duty to ensure they abide by the various procedures set out in the Fire Safety Order. That makes employers or any of the aforementioned persons liable to imprisonment or fines if they fail to follow the procedures. A breach of tort might be brought against them for negligence.

Regular Assessments
An employer’s duty is to conduct regular assessments to identify equipment that detects hazards and warns employees or third parties. Fire alarms in London are one method of detecting danger. They are the best means of detection and prevention and the most cost effective.

Operating Systems
There is no better way for an employer to show they care about their employees’ safety than to investigate and install systems that help the business to comply with the law, but more importantly to save lives. Installing fire alarms in London is simple and straightforward. There are three main systems available. These are [1] Conventional Fire Systems [2] Analogue Addressable Systems and [3] HOM [Houses in Multiple Occupation].

[1] Conventional Fire Systems: These alarms are simple to fit in but they require expert engineers. They are ideal for small enterprises and companies. Their advantage is that it is easy to pinpoint the location of the hazard.
[2] Analogue Addressable Systems: These are more complicated systems that require complex programming on a computer with various loops, input and output devices, detectors and various other devices all linked up. Their advantage is that they facilitate quick and concentrated reactions to threats of outbreaks. This system is perfect for huge properties such as high rise blocks or mall complexes.
[3] Houses in Multiple Occupation: This is another complicated system that requires the installation of expert teams. It incorporates different technologies with normal installations covering universal spaces but requiring extended systems into individual apartments where less sophisticated systems are installed.

Saving Lives
Installing systems to avoid prosecution or imprisonment is a responsible thing to do. It is cost effective but it will save lives in the event of a breakout. It is the right thing to do. It could be your own life that you save. Do it now!

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