First Steps to Finding The Right Party Planning Company

by | Jul 19, 2014 | Business

There are times when you just do not have the energy or the time to plan a special event. Yet, you want the occasion to be truly unique. You want it to be successful. If you cannot do it on your own, or simply feel it is not possible, you need help. You need to check out what the right party planner can do for you. You have to decide to spend some time searching among party planning companies for the right someone or someones to help you make the upcoming event memorable.

The Initial Planning Phase

Before you even start looking around for party planning companies, you need to clarify in your own mind, what the purpose of the event really is.  You have to be able to clearly and succinctly relate to the planner the answers to the following:

1. What is the party about?

2. Who is it for (if anyone in particular)?

3. What do you want to see accomplished?

4. Where do you plan to hold it?

5. When do you want to have it?

6. What are your ideas about the event? Do you have a particular theme? Are you considering any specific activities?

7. What is your budget? Make sure you have a maximum – a figure beyond which you will not or cannot afford to go. Write it down and be sure you have some wiggle room but do NOT bankrupt yourself at either your or the planner’s suggestion.

You need to know the answers to these questions before you search out a party planning company.

Finding Qualified Party Planning Companies

There are various ways to find the professional party planning company. Start by preparing a list. Right down those suggested by friends, relatives and colleagues. Cross-reference them with those you find online. Make sure they not only have excellent credentials but are given good reviews on different sites. This includes finding out what the associations they belong to think of them.

Talk to the Better Business Bureau to see if anyone has registered any complaints about the specific party planning companies on your list. You may also want to check with local convention centers and visitor’s bureau for their opinions and/or suggestions. The more information you have on a particular company, the easier it will be to eliminate or retain them on your master list. Eventually, you will be able to whittle it down to three party planning companies. These are the ones you will interview for the job.

When it comes to taking those first steps towards finding the right person or company for the job, remember it all begins with you. You need to have a clear idea of what you want and expect before you interview at least 3 of the candidates from the party planning companies. This is as essential as knowing how to find the right company for your event planning.

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