What is the Difference between Home Health Care and A Hospice Care Facility in Cleveland Texas?

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If you have ever been seriously ill or injured, you may have heard of what is called home health care. If you or a loved one has a terminal illness, however, you may have heard of hospice care. Now you may be asking yourself about what exactly the difference is between the two. This article is designed to help the patient and their loved ones distinguish the difference between services and will cover some of the similarities between these two services as well.

We will start off first with home health care. Home health care is designed first and foremost to make sure that the patient maintains as much independence as possible. Also, home health care is directed towards treating or curing a patient’s condition. If it becomes certain that the patient has an illness that has become terminal, then the home health care staff will assist in transitioning the patient to Hospice Care Facility Cleveland Texas. Treatments provided by physicians and RN’s, include but are not limited to:

* Radiation therapy.

* Chemotherapy.

* Medicinal therapy.

* Experimental and holistic therapies that are outside the realm of traditional medicinal practices.

* Home health aides assist with household duties such as cleaning or driving the patient to appointments.

Subsequently, when seeking a Professional Health Care service and it is certain the patient is now deemed as having a terminal illness, the transition to hospice care begins. Hospice care is directed towards maintaining a patient’s quality of life and assisting with pain management. Hospice professionals then take the place of home health care professionals, but do provide much of the same types of services including but are not limited to:

* Administering medication to the patient by an RN or nurses aide under the RN’s supervision.

* Hospice care aides will assist with other household duties such as cleaning up the home or assisting in meal preparation.

* Providing guidance through a counselor or social worker for the patient and loved ones.

Finally, as you can see there are many similarities and differences between home health care and hospice care. If you or your loved one would like to maintain their independence while seeking treatment, then home health care may be the best choice. If you or your loved one are, however, suffering from a terminal illness, then a Hospice Care Facility Cleveland Texas may be the right answer to maintain the respect, dignity, and honor deserved in the final days preceding death.

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