Five Important Reasons to Sell to a Local Cash House-Buying Company

During economic boom periods, you might not need help selling your home, especially if you own a house in good condition and aren’t dealing with a difficult situation like a job loss. However, when the housing market is slow or you have financial problems, a local cash house-buying firm can really help you out. Here’s how.

You Can Sell During Slower Months
A cash house-buying firm can typically sell your house in a week or two. However, it will also purchase your home during historically slower selling months, such as November and December. This enables you to sell your home if you lose your job or face severe financial problems during the holidays.

You Get Cash Upfront
Most companies that offer cash for houses in Portland will pay cash for your house. The amount you receive may be less than you expected, which is common with any cash deal, but you’ll have cash to use for any purpose.

You Can Sell Your House As Is
One way you can save money with a cash home-buying company is by avoiding expensive repairs. Most of these firms prefer to fix houses up themselves and sell them for significant profits. They also have contractors to make repairs.

You Pay No Closing Costs
With a cash for houses in Portland transaction, you usually won’t pay closing costs. The company will typically pick up the tab.

You Better Research the Company
When you work with a local firm that offers cash for houses in Portland, you should do a little research about the firm before you do business with it. The Better Business Bureau may have information it can share.

When you accept an offer from a local cash home-buying firm, you can avoid paying a real estate commission. This can help you save $10,000 or even $15,000, depending on the selling price of your home.

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