Legal Guidance to Help You Recover Money After Buying a Lemon Vehicle

Most states have laws on the books that protect consumers who buy used or pre-owned vehicles. These laws stipulate that consumers have a right to recover their money if the vehicles they purchase can be legally classified as lemons, which means the car is not in good working order and requires many repairs to get it running properly.

When the car, truck, or van that you bought does not run or needs repairs that cost more than its value, you could get some or all of your money back by using the lemon law in Massachusetts. You can determine if this type of legal action is right for you by retaining a lawyer who understands the state’s lemon laws.

Proving Your Case

The lemon law in Massachusetts demands that defrauded consumers prove that they were the victims of unscrupulous car sales tactics. The seller perhaps purposely hid the condition of the car from you. You may not have been aware that the car was in bad shape and could not give you your money’s worth out of it.

You need to provide evidence of this fraud, however, in order to invoke the lemon law in your state. Your attorney can compile repair or inspection records, receipts of the sale, and even testimony from the seller himself or herself to show the court that you were taken advantage of during the purchase.

Recovering Your Money

Once you build a case to take to court if necessary, you can pursue the recovery of the money that you spent on the vehicle. You could demand that the seller refund any money that you put down on the car. You can also ask that the seller compensate you for any emotional or physical distress that you discovered.

You can find out more about the lemon laws in your state by hiring a lawyer. Contact Krohn & Moss, Ltd. Consumer Law Center at today.