Five Non-steak Dishes to enjoy at your local Steak House

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When you are looking for an exceptional dining experience but are not in the mood for steak it makes sense you might not think of going to a Steak house Restaurant Cincinnati diners enjoy. However, a steak house is also a fine dining experience offering far more than their staple of mouth watering beef. Here are five dishes steak houses do exceptionally well other than their specialty of steak:

1. Seafood: Although many restaurants will proclaim themselves a steak and seafood restaurant most steak houses serve seafood even if it is not mentioned in their name. Seafood goes hand in hand with exceptionally prepared meals such as steak and surf and turf is not the only seafood steak houses have to offer. Fresh seafood is served up with the same gusto and amazing flavors from lobster and crab to catch of the day and mouth watering shrimp

2. Appetizers: Keeping in mind steakhouses are the home to classically trained chefs with a flair for classically prepared foods with a twist. If you are interested in some excellent wine, drinks and appetizers a steak house will have fresh, well prepared appetizers you can sink your teeth into using the finest ingredients for favorites such as calamari, oysters, shrimp and exceptionally fresh salads such as classic Caesar, Greek and Caprese.

3. Grilled Anything: Steak houses know grilling. If you are not a steak lover than you can order any cut of meat from lamb to pork and chicken to duck and know it will be grilled to mouth watering perfection.

4. Pasta: Pasta is another well prepared dish you can expect to find at your favourite steak house restaurant in Cincinnati. Pasta tossed with fresh grilled seafood, sun ripened tomatoes, chicken and many other tempting ingredients are a staple of the steak house menu.

5. Bar Fare: If you are not looking for a complete sit down dinner and prefer to have drinks in an elegant setting a steak house offers the perfect place to enjoy a wide selection of top shelf drinks, wines and beer. However they also offer an eclectic menu of gourmet bar foods that are a far step above the usual nachos and wings. Delicious foods such as ahi tuna, prime rib skewers and truffle wedges are the perfect bar foods for your upscale night on the town.

As you can see a steak house restaurant in Cincinnati offers more than just steak making it the perfect choice for an elegant meal.

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