How to Hire Armed Guards in Cincinnati

by | Jun 12, 2014 | Security

It is not uncommon to see security guards at many different types of businesses, from construction sites to apartment complexes to malls and more. Many business owners opt to contract out for security services rather than have their employees, who may be inexperienced at that sort of thing do the work. When hiring armed security personnel, it is important to make sure that they have experience, and even more important that they have references. Often, it is a good idea to get security guards from security agencies that specialize in this sort of work. They can guarantee that their employees have the proper training, as well as licenses to carry firearms.

When hiring Armed Guards in Cincinnati, be sure to work with a security company that has a good reputation in the community. Larger security companies are better, as they tend to have tougher requirements for their guards. This lets clients know that they will have security guards with the latest and best training in the industry. The larger agencies do background checks on all of their employees, so clients know that they are not getting guards who have criminal records or who are not going to be reliable.

The client needs to set up the terms of employment when hiring Armed Guards in Cincinnati. These terms can include things like times and duration of breaks, smoking policies, watching television or listening to music, etc. Basically, the terms let the guards know what is going to be expected of them when they are representing the clients. All guards should be required to keep logs throughout their shifts. Depending on the size and nature of the company needing security, it may be necessary to have specific areas for guards to patrol, and to have more than one guard on duty at a time.

The security agency must have the proper insurance, and must be able to provide proof of this. If there are going to be security vehicles, they must also be insured. The agency should provide all uniforms and equipment that they need for the job, including two-way radios and firearms. Click here to read more information about hiring security services.

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