Fly Fishing Apparel: An Important Piece of Equipment

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When you think of things you may need for fly fishing you would probably consider things such as lures, fly fishing rods and the tackle box. All of these things are certainly important; however an overlooked piece of equipment in a fly fisherman’s arsenal of tools is also the apparel they wear while they are fly fishing. Imagine standing in the middle of a river fly fishing in a Hawaiian t-shirt, jean shorts and a pair of flip flops, it is not very practical and very uncomfortable for the angler wearing it. Items such as a Simms mesh vest or hip waders will make fishing a comfortable experience so you can focus on catching lots of fish and keeping focused instead of how wet your feet are or worrying about where you may have left your car keys. Not only will buying the proper fishing apparel make things a much more comfortable experience but it will also make you look more professional. You will feel like twice the angler if you are wearing the uniform that fits the title.

Important Apparel

There are many different pieces of apparel that are good for an angler to have available so they can be prepared for any fishing and not let anything come in the way of a day full of fishing.

Vest- The vest is important because it protects the clothing you wear underneath and provides lots of easily accessible storage so you don’t have to be distracted from your fishing to go find something. The Simms Vertical Fishing Mesh Vest is an excellent example of a high quality vest with lots of pockets for storage.

Hip Waders- Hip waders allow you to walk in the water without getting wet so you can easily access any fishing spot you may want. Hip waiters are also a useful thing to have on person because if you lose your hundred dollar lure on shore you can easily go retrieve it without getting stuck or putting yourself in danger.

Sunglasses- This is an obvious one but it is fairly important. On a sunny day being distracted by sun in your eyes can potentially be the difference between making the catch of the year and missing your chance. Also you want to protect your eyes from the dangerous rays of the sun if you’re going to be out on or near the water all day.

All these items can easily be found online or even at a local store, but you should also keep in mind that you get what you pay for and quality fly fishing gear can last a lifetime.