Follow These Tips Before The Apartment Movers In Wichita KS Arrive

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When you move out of your apartment, you’ll want a stress free move that goes smoothly. When you hire Apartment Movers Wichita KS, professionals, moving day will be easier than you ever imagined. Follow the tips below so that you’ll have everything ready for the movers when they arrive at your apartment.

* Place all small objects in boxes so the movers can stack them into the truck. Wrap fragile items in plastic bubble wrap before placing them in a box to protect them from breakage.

* Use a felt tip marker and write the contents on the outside of each box. Print fragile on the outside of boxes that contain breakable objects.

* Stack heavy boxes in one area of the room and don’t stack them on top of boxes that contain lighter weight items.

* Before the movers arrive, remove the sheets from your bed and disassemble the bed frame.

* Don’t stack moving boxes in front of doorways. Make a clear path through each room to the front door so the movers can easily navigate through your apartment.

* Stay at your apartment while the movers are loading your belongings in case they need to ask you any questions.

* If there are children or pets at your apartment, keep them out of the way while the movers are working.

* To save packing time and to use fewer boxes, leave your clothing folded up inside of your dresser drawers.

* Place medications, grooming supplies, and other important items in a travel bag. Carry the bag with you in your car when you leave the apartment. If you have these items with you in your car, you won’t have to search through boxes when you need them.

* Before the Apartment Movers in Wichita, professionals leave to take your belongings to your new place, inspect every room to make sure that everything has been loaded into the moving truck.

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