Four Reasons not to settle for a Basic Kitchen and Bathroom in your Rental

by | Aug 18, 2014 | Real Estate

Park Slope Apartment Rentals offer you lovely choices for your home. However not all of them have the outstanding details you might want in your kitchen and bathroom. Here are four reasons not to settle for a basic kitchen and bathroom in your apartment rental:

Comfort: Your kitchen and bathroom are not like a living room and bedroom. You cannot bring in your own comfortable furniture to make them your own. Instead you are stuck with whatever features or lack of features already exists. Park Slope apartment rentals do not allow for upgrades and therefore what’s there is what you will have to live with. Look for comfortable fixtures such as the proper size toilet, a shower you can step into without feeling confined and taps and sinks that are easy to operate.

Design: As above you will not have the luxury of making too many changes to your bathroom and kitchen in Park Slope apartment rentals. Yes, you can add a nice shower curtain in a bathroom and add some accessories to your kitchen but the bones are very important in these two rooms. The counters, floors and cabinets are all there for the long haul and if you don’t like them on sight chances are they are not going to grow on you.

Function: Modern kitchens and bathrooms pay closer attention to the function of the room. There tends to be better storage and counter space, energy efficient appliances and low flow toilets and shower heads without giving up luxury. You will find it easier to move about in these rooms. You will not have to try to squeeze into awkward spaces or find somewhere to store all of your belongings. You want to look for a kitchen and bathroom that provides the functionality you need or living in your apartment will not only be annoying, it will also be impractical.

Appliances: You won’t need to worry about appliances in your bathroom, but in your kitchen having appliances that don’t work or are old energy wasters can actually affect your energy bills. Look for a kitchen with appliances that look good, are energy efficient and that are newer models to avoid warm milk and raw Sunday roasts.

As you can see settling for ho hum bathrooms and kitchens will make living in Park Slope apartment rentals far less appealing.

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