Fun Facts About Weed in Marysville WA

With medicinal and recreational marijuana quickly gaining popularity all around the country, there are people trying it who have never tried it before. For those newbies, here are some fun facts to learn about weed in Marysville WA. Perhaps they can be discussed among friends after trying out that new purchase.

Cows Like Pot Too

For those who did not know, hemp (a form of marijuana) can be used as a feed for livestock. Not to worry though, this does not mean the cattle are getting high. Hemp is the “industrial” form of marijuana and has none of the THC which is the psychoactive compound that gets people high. Hemp is also used to manufacture paper, fabric, and even rope. The United States military used to manufacture their parachutes from hemp fiber.

It Wasn’t Always Against The Law

While pot had certain restrictions in the early days of the country, it wasn’t until the 1930s that it was outright outlawed. While it was first labeled a poison, it was officially placed on the Controlled Substances list in 1970. Thankfully, states are starting to see the benefits of weed in Marysville WA and the voters have spoken by making it legal in numerous states around the country.

Enhances Creativity

Many artists have laid claim to using pot while engaging in their art but not many people know that Shakespeare used pot too. He mentions it in one of his plays and archaeologists who dug up remnants of one of his old homes found trace remnants of marijuana in a pipe found among the relics. To smoke or not to smoke, this is the question.

No Pill Available

While scientists can synthesize almost anything into a pill form, they have thus far failed at doing this with marijuana. This may be due to the strict federal laws regarding marijuana, little research can be performed on it. Maybe one day scientists will be able to manufacture a “pot pill” but for now, that remains a “pipe dream.”

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