The Importance Of Preventative Care For Seniors in Spokane WA

It is important for seniors and their care givers to make sure preventive health care measures are undertaken. Research has indicated that making sure an individual is properly diagnosed is only part of the health equation. Whenever possible, it is always better to prevent the onset of illness. This is valid for those who utilize senior care living in Spokane WA and elsewhere throughout the United States.

What Is Preventive Care?

Preventive medicine is not about treating an existing condition. Its focus is on preventing it occurring in the first place. It looks at the individual, examines them and suggests means of them avoiding diseases, injuries and other aspects that may result in or provide the conditions for disease and illness. For some in senior care living this is the means of working to ensure a longer, healthier life.

What Forms Does Preventive Care Take?

Preventive services take a variety of forms. These include:

* Vaccinations – influenza and pneumococcal are common

* Screening tests – for such things as breast cancer, colorectal cancer, diabetes, cholesterol and osteoporosis

* Checkups and/or routine physicals – x-rays, blood tests and urine analysis

* Health advice – diet, exercise, life style

Education is also part of preventive measures. An educated person is one who is able to make better choices. This is applicable to seniors participating in senior care living, those who are on their own and any care providers. An educated senior who understands the affect of lifestyle choices on health is more likely to make healthier choices. Moreover, one who understands the importance of follow-up care as well as the correct taking of medications is less likely to end up making preventable visits to emergency or unnecessary ones to their doctor.

Benefits Of Preventive Care

The benefits of preventive care are many. They are both physical and monetary. When it comes to applying this approach to senior care living in Spokane WA, professionals state the advantages are as follows:

* Reduced hospital costs due to improved overall health

* Less chanced of readmission – also resulting in a savings of money

* Identification of disease at its early stage, therefore increasing the chances of effective treatment

* Improved quality of life arises from first the better understanding of the body and the effect of life style on its health and second, implementing a program that will help improve (or maintain) the physical fitness and mental acuity of the body

Preventive services are an important aspect of senior care living in Spokane WA and throughout the United States. Since the risk for health issues increases with age, it is important that everyone involved – from the senior to the health system, be aware of the need to prevent problems before they occur or, at least, catch them before they become a serious health problem. Identifying any potential or existing issues, goes a long way towards helping a senior lead a longer and healthier life and lifestyle.

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