Get All Your Favorite Brands in One Cup

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Do you own a soda fountain? Or do you have some sort of soda dispensing equipment? If yes then perhaps you have already tried the trick of pouring multiple drinks into one cup? If yes, then good for you, if not, you must try it. It can open new flavors never experienced before. However there is an easier way to mix your favorite drinks in one cup without changing the machine. It’s now possible with the new soda dispensing technology apply named the “flavor select” series. This series can now give you more power over your beverage.

What is “Flavor Select?”

The self-service beverage dispensing machines main feature is its “lite touch” button which when activated, can produce over 120 customized flavors, from 32 brands and 24 extra tastes. Take your Coke dispenser for example, add the “lite touch”, then you can choose from a large selection of flavors to add to your Coke. You can play it safe and go for an old favorite like Coke and lemon, or maybe go a little wild and throw some Fanta in there. That’s the magic with this machine. You can create your own custom drink.

The specialized cold carbon technology featured with this machine is working in tandem with a state-of-the-art electronic processor to keep the ice at just the right temperature. This can deliver a consistently great quality drink every time. It also has “Air Mix” nozzles mixing the syrup and water in mid-air for a consistent beverage quality every time. Each machine also comes with a built in cube, or a cubelet ice option upon specialization.

How Can This Help Your Business?

Investing in this wonderful machine can do wonders for your business. Here’s a couple reasons why people have chosen to grace their establishment with such a feat of beverage engineering.

* Cost effective- Save money on those packaged beverages

* Time efficient- The self-service option allows your staff to focus on other tasks

* Great fun- The creative applications cause customers to return time and time again.

* Unique taste- Find your own tasty blends and suggest different combinations to customers.

* Stylish- Its great designed front attracts the customer’s eye every time.

* Safe for all the family- It’s easy and safe to use for everyone

Don’t just believe everything you read on the internet, do your own investigations. These machines are a great addition to any work place and should be taken seriously. Do your business a favor, invest in a flavor select beverage machine today.

Get multiple flavors from your Coke dispenser, Contact Lancer Corporation.