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Are you a fan of Bollywood? If so, you probably want to know all of the details of what is going on with your favourite Bollywood stars. The best way to get all of the latest Bollywood news and gossip is right on line, ideally from a site that updates their news as it happens. When you choose to get the latest Bollywood news and Gossip from a top site, you will have insight on the following information:

Salman Khan

There is no doubt that Salman Khan is a popular guy and he is always in the headlines for something or another. The latest? Reports are coming in that SK is avoiding director Prabhu Deva at all costs. You see, Deva has been trying over and over again to get SK in his films but each time he tries, it seems that Khan always has an excuse. In the past, he has said the script isn’t good or that he doesn’t have the time. What has Deva done? According to reports he is giving up. Fortunately for him, Deva has some great films under his belt and more to come, including the sequel of ABDC (Anybody Can Dance). Thus far, SK has not commented on this.


Film director, producer writer and editor Onir recently announced that he is ready to leave India and is taking his future films with him. According to sources, Onir stated that he is extremely disappointed with the recent ruling from the Supreme Court banning same sex marriage in India. An outspoken ally of the LGBT community, Onir is best known for his film My Brother…Nikhil, one of the first Hindi films to ever deal with the subject of AIDS.

Priyanka Chopra

Of course, no gossip or news site based on Bollywood could go without talking about style and fashion and there is no better way to do this than by looking at what the gorgeous Priyanka Chopra is wearing. Chopra has certainly hit a point in her career where fashion is extremely important and nothing is more important to fans than where she is getting her clothes. The truth? She has her own designer, Ami Patel, who makes her clothes for her. Fear not, however, these styles, from trendy dresses to a simple sari will be copied and made available to the public.

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