Slitters, Rewinders & The Converting Industry

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The converting industry is one that specializes in taking an original product and turning it into something else for the end user. In this specific circumstance, slitters and rewinders are used by converters for materials such as plastic wrapping for food, laminate products, and label and tape products. When a business gets the plastic or other product, it arrives in a huge roll, sometimes called a log, that needs to be cut into the desired sizes. To do this, companies use specially designed slitter rewinders to slice and reroll the original material.

Slitter Manufacturers Stay Competitive

As technology advances, those responsible for manufacturing slitters and rewinders continually strive to create new designs that make the job of converting materials easier. Manufacturers consistently improve on current technology to allow popular brands and models to work more efficiently, while still offering the features and dependability that businesses come to know.
Manufacturers must also meet changing market demands. For instance, the increased use of thinner packaging materials requires machinery that can effectively handle those materials. Manufacturers continue to develop new technologies and build new, innovative equipment to meet changing industry and consumer standards.

Custom Solutions for Consumers

Many manufacturers of slitters and rewinders encourage customer input when engineering new designs. There are even manufacturers who work directly with consumers to create custom designed machinery for their business needs. Consumers who have an idea for an improved machine but don’t know how to make the concept a reality can work closely with machinery engineers and designers to create custom solutions.
Although the converting industry is not well known outside of those directly involved with the converting process and businesses that need the service, it’s still a field that drives competition and innovation among manufacturers. The main goal of most engineers is to create a machine that surpasses all models currently on the market and provide consumers with an operator friendly interface.