Getting Relief for Shoulder Pain in Greenville

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Sitzmannchiropractic.comThe shoulder is the most freely moveable joint in the body. Therefore we sacrifice stability for mobility. Statistically the shoulder is one of the most commonly injured joint. Sources of symptoms range from shoulder injury or trauma to chronic poor mechanics(habits). If you experience shoulder pain in Greenville, S.C. then Dr. Frank at Sitzmann Chiropractic offer a range of treatment options to address your problems.

Treating the True Cause of the Problem
We use our shoulder much more than we realize and when it is not functioning properly is when we realize we’ve taken the shoulder for granted. Mechanical problems need mechanical solutions. Chiropractic care hands on “treats the cause of the problem” and utilizes multiple techniques for the quickest results.

Goals and Techniques

The initial goal of chiropractic is to decrease inflammation and pain. Next, together we identify the cause of the problem. It is then important to modify the bad habits of pattern responsible for the problem. After the acute phase is complete the rehabilitative phase begins, this is where the shoulder repair takes place. It is an important portion of the treatment which if done properly will allow the repaired tissue to act more like the original tissue which will decrease the chance of re injury.

Sitzmann Chiropractic is a leading chiropractic clinic that specializes in the relief of shoulder pain in Greenville SC. Dr. Sitzmann has a wonderful reputation in the area for providing shoulder relief and rehabilitation and other pain relief using state of art chiropractic treatment methods.

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