Never stop seeking to strengthen your Faith

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As a Christian it is a gift to always be pursuing new ways to strengthen your faith. For example a Free Biblical Prophecy can provide you with new insight into the bible and something to reflect upon during your daily devotions. Becoming closer to God allows you to carry out his work and spread his word with less and less effort.

It might seem odd to say that the harder you work to become closer to God the less effort you will require. However this is very true. The closer you are to God the easier it is to live the life of Christ. Living the life of Christ means spreading love and joy to those you meet. The stronger your faith the less effort it takes to be kind and the kinder you are the more people you will reach with God’s love.

You can dedicate your heart to God but it is important not to take this to mean you must make sacrifices for him. What you can do to make God happy is to find true happiness from his love and your faith that he will always provide for you. This is all God asks of any of us. By living a good life filled with happiness and giving you will be showing everyone the gifts you reap through God’s love.

Many Christians do not take the time to do daily devotions which are very important. They are a complete communal moment with God. This is where you are completely devoted to communicating with God, one on one without interruption. You can find a quiet area and take your time meditating on joys or challenges and speaking directly to God about them. You can let him know you are grateful, ask for his guidance to be a better Christian or even tell him a funny story or something you are particularly proud of. God loves to hear stories of happiness and also wants you to feel comfortable sharing your fears with him. There is nothing you can tell God that will shock or disappoint him as his heart is always filled with forgiveness and will appreciate your honesty. All of these actions will help strengthen your faith.

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