The Benefits And Uses Of Implants, Veneers, And Dental Crowns in Kona

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Dentists use a variety of techniques in order to help improve the smiles of their patients. Individuals suffer from a variety of dental complications that leave them in both emotional and physical pain. There are people who are afraid to smile because of their crooked or missing teeth, and this can really affect their self-esteem and how they interact with others. Let’s take a look at how implants, crowns, and veneers can be used to help. Visit website for more details.

Dental Implants
Dental implants are likely one of the most popular treatments offered. Patients have teeth that decay or fall out due to infections. Shifting of the remaining teeth can occur from a single missing tooth. Dental implants are used in order to prevent this from happening. These implants are drilled into the jawbone of the patient, and will stay in place as long as they’re maintained. There’s no need for patients to be apprehensive about biting and chewing their food, because implants are secure and behave like regular teeth.

Dental Crowns
Unlike an implant, a Dental Crown in Kona isn’t used to replace a tooth. Instead, dental crowns are used to protect the teeth you already have. They’re usually made from stainless steel, but they can be made from porcelain, gold, and even a combination of porcelain and alloy. Dentists will elect to install crowns when they’ve made repairs to a damaged tooth, or when a tooth is discolored or worn down. Most crowns can be made in the dentist’s office, but other specialty pieces are constructed in a dental laboratory.

More and more people are choosing to have veneers installed. Veneers are wafer-thin shells which are placed over your teeth in order to improve your smile. They’re usually constructed out of some type of dental porcelain. The porcelain is shaped and designed to look exactly like regular teeth. Most patients elect to have these pieces installed because they have teeth that are missing, discolored, or disfigured in some way.

These three particular treatments are just a fraction of what your dentist can offer. Dentists also install braces, provide fillings, whiten teeth, and so on. If you’d like more information about the various treatments available, consult with Carter S. Yokoyama, DDS.