Getting Social Security Disability in Missouri

by | Jul 9, 2020 | Lawyers and Law Firms

Many people think that applying for Social Security Disability is very easy. Well, while it may not be necessary to get a lawyer for the process, hiring one increases your chances of getting quick approval. Below are some important things that you should know about the process of applying for Social Security Disability in Missouri.

Finding out if you qualify

Before you start filling the paperwork, find out whether you qualify or not. Below are a few of the requirements that you have to fulfill.

1. You must be completely out of work. The Social Security services have a set amount of money that a person applying for a disability should not earn per month. However, factors like being self-employed and if you are receiving assistance at work will be considered.

2. You must be able to prove that you have a medical condition that has left you completely disabled. Some of the listed conditions include cancer, neurological disorders, and mental and emotional health issues.

3. In case you have a medical condition that is not listed, you must be able to prove that its effects are similar to that of a listed condition.

A Social Security Disability lawyer will help you figure out if you are likely to qualify.

The application process

The reason most people do not get approval when they apply on their own is that they make mistakes in the application forms. Some of the common mistakes that people make in the initial application include:

1. Giving inconsistent information

2. Leaving out important information

3. Failure to attach convincing evidence about your disability

A good lawyer will review your initial application before submitting it. They will find any inconsistencies and help you fix them. They will also add any missing information that could help your case. Getting a lawyer will raise your chances of a first-time approval and stop you from having to appeal.

In case you made an application, and it was turned down, you can still hire a lawyer to appeal for Social Security Disability in Missouri. Grundy Disability Group LLC has very competent disability lawyers in Missouri to hire. They will help you get your application or appeal approved.

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