Wanting To Replace That Old Worn Out Carpet With Wood Flooring in Wheaton?

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There are so many benefits of wood flooring. One of the biggest benefits of wood flooring is when you clean it, it is actually clean. The carpeting may be clean on the surface after vacuuming or steam cleaning a carpet, but there is still find dirt down into the fibers of your carpeting that no amount of cleaning can remove. Wood floors are also terrific for allergy sufferers. Most indoor allergies are from dust mites or pet dander. Dust mites love to live in your carpet and bedding and although steam cleaning may remove some of them, it doesn’t remove all of them. Other fine particulate matter also hides in carpeting such as dander, hair, and dust.

Wood flooring in Wheaton also offers other benefits. High traffic areas in your home are not worn out. Carpeting will break down over time and no matter how many times you have it cleaned it will still show wear and have to be replaced to look better. You can also clean up spills easily on hardwood floors without leaving a stain like a carpet. Wood flooring also is ecologically safe. It is not filled with chemicals to keep it looking like new. Wood flooring may cost a little bit more money, but it adds more value to your home than carpeting and it doesn’t need torn out and replaced after a couple of years.

If you really consider the cost of wood flooring versus carpeting, think about the cost of purchasing a quality vacuum versus a mop or even an old towel to wash your wood flooring. If you feel that hardwood floors are cold or noisy, choosing a beautiful area rug for your floor will cut down on the noise and you can place it where your feet would normally be on the floor in your seating area for comfort.

Best Buy Carpet and Granite can educate you on wood flooring options in your home, pricing, and offer professional installation in your home or business. Trying to install wood flooring on your own can leave you with gaps between the boards, creaks in the floor, and a completely unprofessional appearance. Contact them today!