Getting your Commercial Driver’s License— CDL: Training for the Exam and for a Career

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Receiving a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) can lead to job opportunities you may have never thought of. A CDL can lead to specific endorsements such as one that allows you to drive a school bus or another that allows you to drive a tanker, or truck that holds hazardous material. Whatever your driving goals, obtaining your CDL is an important step on the way to a diverse career—diverse in its many different types of driving opportunities, jobs, and trainings. Getting your CDL is a process of research, schooling, and performing.

What Does my State Mandate?
Each state has different policies that commercial drivers must adhere to. This is true in the CDL training process and even after you receive your CDL. For instance, some states allow you to receive your CDL by taking the exam at the driving school that trains you, but others make it mandatory for you to take the exam at a government run agency. In any case, you need to find out what policies and rules are in place for commercial drivers in your state and figure out how you can make them work out for you.

Okay. Now What?
This is only the beginning of the research process as you will need to continue to look up information to locate a school, to learn the information needed for the test, and to find job opportunities. Thankfully, the Internet is a great resource and tool for information on CDL training. Many times, there are links to information and schools directly on the BMV website of your state. Once you find a school, your education is not only in the hands of training professionals—you also have a responsibility. Continue to research the test, the strategies, and the job opportunities applicable to you. Being too prepared is not a possibility.

How Can I Find a Job?
A CDL exam is only one focus of CDL education found in exceptional commercial driving schools. A good school will also assist you in job placement. This means that they will have professionals right there at the school to help you find a job opportunity right for you. Put good use to this service, because it is an effective strategy of networking, or getting to know others within your career field. Training professionals oftentimes know the employers out there personally and will find one for you that you may enjoy working for.

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