Offset Printing VS Digital Printing in Los Angeles

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Design is not an easy endeavour especially having to choose between different forms of printing. Offset printing and digital printing in Los Angeles are both popular choices, but this doesn’t explain which one is better. It is difficult to conclusively say which one is the better choice as there are a number of factors you would need to consider before actually making your choice. One of the first considerations you would need to make has to do with the quantity that you want. For offset printing, low quantities (short runs) will be expensive because of the per-unit cost. Digital printing would therefore be a better option in this case. It is worth mentioning that the costs per unit for offset printing do go down as the quantities increase.

Digital printing is also a better choice over offset printing where four-color printing is needed. This is because there are much lower up-front costs as compared to the alternative. Where black ink printing is needed, offset printing may prove to be a better and more cost effective choice. Most designs today however do require digital printing to get the kind of results that will appeal to the target audience.

Proofing is also another important factor to consider when choosing between digital and offset printing. Digital printing tends to be a better option in this case, as the proofing is actually more accurate than the alternative. This is because the sample and the intended run are done using the same process, so you are most likely to guarantee the right results. With offset printing however, accurate color proofing is difficult and not to mention expensive in the case where hard proofs are needed.

A final factor to consider when choosing between the two types of printing is customization. It is no secret that digital printing offers more options as far as customization goes, and is a cheaper choice. Letters, direct mail pieces and marketing materials can all be easily customized with different numbers, codes, names, addresses or any other information needed, and on each of the printed pieces. Digital printing in Los Angeles is often a preferred form of printing over other alternatives. Apollo Printing & Graphics is a leader in the digital printing and the perfect option for your business printing needs.