Have You Been Considering Implant Dentistry in Las Vegas?

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When a person is missing teeth, there are several issues they constantly face. One of the biggest issues involves your appearance. You may feel ashamed to speak, eat, laugh and show your teeth in front of others. This makes social situations extremely difficult and uncomfortable. Aside from causing issues with your confidence, missing teeth also causes you to have a difficult time of being able to properly chew your food or enjoy foods you once loved. To overcome the problem of missing teeth, there is Implant Dentistry Las Vegas. Through this dentistry program, your teeth can be replaced with beautiful and fully functioning artificial teeth. Visit website for more information.

What Can You Expect From Implant Dentistry Las Vegas?

Implant dentistry involves surgical intervention, so implants can be placed in your gums. You will first need to receive an anesthetic, to either numb you in the area being worked on or to put you to sleep. The type used will fully depend on how many dental implants you are getting. Once you have been given your anesthetic, the procedure will begin. Each metal implant will be placed into your gum tissue one at a time. This is done through a small incision made over your empty socket. The anchor is screwed down into your jawbone and then it is sutured into place. After each of your anchors is in place, you will need to recover for several weeks, until your anchors become a permanent part of your jawbone.

The next part of you receiving your implants will involve you coming back into the dentist. The dentist will need to check to make sure your gums have healed and the anchors are completely secure. If everything has healed properly, the dentist will screw each artificial tooth on your anchor, completing your smile and making it whole again.

If you have been considering getting dental implants and would like more information, contact Desert Breeze Dental for an appointment. They will be glad to schedule you for a consultation, so you can learn if this procedure will benefit your smile. They can also provide you with all of the other dental services needed, to keep your smile healthy.