Reynoldsburg and Its History

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With a motto like ‘the city of respect’ Reynoldsburg, OH lives up to its name. it also has a claim to fame as the ‘birthplace of the tomato’ because it was responsible for the growth of the first commercial tomato in the nineteenth century. It also has the famous Reynoldsburg Tomato Festival held there each August since 1965 and which has the crowning of the Tomato Festival Queen. People come from all over Fairfield and surrounding counties, and the State to visit the Festival.

Geographically speaking Reynoldsburg is also at the exactly geographical center of the state of Ohio and is smack bang on the border of Franklin, Fairfield and Licking counties. It is also part of the suburbs of Columbus Metropolitan area and has a population of about thirty-six thousand people. Ohio became a state in 1803 after some serious warring between the Europeans and the Native Americans. The land was then given over to the British for control, but was returned to the Union later. Ohio still has a ‘friendly’ rivalry with Michigan because of their fight in the Toledo War, which wasn’t really a war, rather a boundary squabble over the Toledo Strip back in 1835. The state capital of Ohio in now Columbus. This decision came after warring political factions in the nineteenth century squabbled over whether it should be Zanesville or Chillicothe. They fought over it and the state capital moved back and forth between the two, until the idea of Columbus was suggested, noted and accepted.

Columbus and its suburbs

The area of Columbus and its suburbs are also well-known locations for some famous movies, such as Silence of the Lambs and Tango & Cash. The streets of Reynoldsburg have probably been used in many movies as well. And, the Buckeye State is also home to the first ever soccer stadium for the Columbus Crews who achieve over sixteen thousand attendees at their soccer games. The suburbs are also home to some of the State’s largest employees, who include Wal-Mart, Bath & Body Works, Lowe’s, Victoria’s Secret and Limited Brands. Any, or all of the previously mentioned employees, who have award ceremonies for their workers every so often, often hand out corporate awards in Reynoldsburg, OH. Visit website for more information.