Heating Repair in Manhattan: Common HVAC Problems

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Many homeowners use HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems in their home as opposed to traditional furnaces and in-wall air conditioners. Most of the time, these units are reliable, but like with any piece of machinery, there are problems that can happen from time to time. Most of these problems require the skills of trained HVAC technicians, and homeowners should avoid trying to do a lot of repairs themselves. They may simply make the problem even worse, and even more expensive to repair. Technicians have all of the necessary tools and equipment, and they can easily diagnose the problem and take care of it on the spot.

There are some problems that are common to all HVAC systems and may require Heating Repair in Manhattan. One of the most common problem is a blown fuse. This is an easy fix, and doesn’t require a technician. All one needs to do is replace the fuse, which is located in the evaporator coil. This is usually the first thing a technician will check anyway. Also be sure to check the home’s fuse box or circuit breaker to make sure that there are no electrical problems. Other common HVAC problems include:

 * Thermostats -: Often, the problem is simply that the thermostat has shut off, and just needs to be turned back on. Check this before calling a technician and spending money unnecessarily on a service call.

 * Filters -: Filters need to be changed periodically, because they get dirty and clogged up. This is a simple job that anyone can do on their own.

 * Refrigerant Leaks -: This can be extremely dangerous, and only trained technicians should be working with refrigerant. If the leaks are in the condenser or evaporator coils, a new unit will be required as these can’t be fixed.

These are just a few of the most common problems with HVAC systems. When one notices that they aren’t getting enough heat in the winter, or they are roasting in the summer, it is a sign that they may need Heating Repair in Manhattan. The first step is to call in the experts to make a diagnosis. To learn more about services offered, visit website.